• SUAC-210 (C Series) CNC Rotary Table Pneumatic Brake
  • Table diameter provides a choice of Ø210mm.
  • Employs high rigidity, extra large radial and axial bearing.
  • Upon request, models with table diameter of Ø170 and Ø210mm can be equipped with Japanese made worm/worm gear.
  • Equipped with special labyrinth type multi-piece disk brake that provides multi-surface braking. Big area design effectively increases clamping force. The table structure eliminates table surface floating problem.
  • Big hole design makes machining more convenient. Manufactured from high quality, durable cast iron. Increased body thickness increases load resistance capability. Large through-hole diameter. High strength, heavy cutting resistance as well as high precision.
  • Upon request, models with table diameter of Ø170 and Ø210mm are available with hydraulic brake.
  • Various sheet metal guards are available to suit various brands of motors. Contact us for detail.

 SUAC-210 (C Series) CNC Rotary Table Pneumatic Brake

Table diameter mm Ø210
Center hole diameter mm Ø40H7
Through-hole diameter mm Ø40
Height of center (Vertical) mm 210
Height of table (Horizontal) mm -
T-slot width of table mm 12H7
Width of guide block mm 14h7
Min. increment deg. 0.001
Indexing accuracy sec. 20
Repeatability sec. 4
Clamping torque Air 5~7kg/cm² N.m 200
Hyd. 20~30kg/cm² N.m 400
Servo motor model FANUC - α4i / ß8is
Mitsubishi - HF-54S/HF-104S
Teeth ratio - 1 : 72
Max.table speed(FANUC a motor) rpm 44.4
Allowable load capacity Vertical kg 85
Horizontal kg -
With tailstock kg 160
Allowable cutting force(Clamped status) F N 12500
FxL N.m 1000
FxL N.m 300
Allowable torque of worm gear N.m 260
Allowable inertia J=W.D²/8 kg.m² 0.62
Weight (Motor excluded) kg 70
*The specifications, dimensions and design characteristics shown in this catalogue are subject to change without prior notice.
Dimensional Drawings
SUAC-210 (C Series) CNC Rotary Table Pneumatic Brake