• STH-255 Swiveling Spindle Head
  • STH-255 Swiveling Spindle Head
STH-255 Swiveling Spindle Head
  • Employs high rigidity, extra large radial and axial bearing.
  • The spindle head employs the latest full circumference brake, featuring even braking force without runout. Maximum clamping area, higher clamping force, no vibration and no braking delay is required. High torque combined with compact, rigid and enclosed structure ensure high cutting quality.
  • High quality cast iron with maximum durability of material, increased wall thickness of body to increase the structural strength. One-piece thru-hole spindle integrates features of high strength, heavy cutting resistance and high machining accuracy.
  • Various sheet metal guards are available to suit various brands of motors. Contact us for detail.

 STH-255 Swiveling Spindle Head

Tilting angle deg. ±110
Teeth ratio / 1:120
Width of guide block mm 18h7
Servo motor type (Recommended) Motor Brand Tilt ing Axis
FANUC α8i / ß12is
Mitsubishi HF-154S
Max. speed of indexing p late rpm 22.2
Indexing accuracy sec. 15
Repeatability accuracy sec. 6
Clamping torque N.m 600
Allowable torque on worm gear N.m 380
Range of tilting angle deg. ±110
Clamping method kg.m² 35(Hyd.)
Minimum setting angle deg. 0.001
Weight of spindle head (motor not induded) kg 177
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Dimensional Drawings
STH-255 Swiveling Spindle Head