Former president, C. Y. Chang established "Jin Feng Industrial Company", the company specialized in manufacture of household rice milling machine, later entered into the production of paper - making machinery including the cooper rollers of pulp grinding machine and paper making machine with 50% of market share.

Hsu Pen International Precision Machinery Co., LTD

HSU PEN began exporting rice milling machines to worldwide market, including South-east Asia, Central and South America and Africa. Meantime, HSU PEN entered into the manufacturing of machine tool (turret type milling machine). Presented carbon fiber production equipment, we develop the first double roller weaving machine for Taiwan's composite material industry.


HSU PEN set up an independent carbon fiber technical team for developing the first unit of Double Roller Weaving Machine for serving the Taiwan's composite material industry. This machine is designed for production of tennis racket, badminton racket, carbon fiber frame of bicycle and related products. Currently HSU PEN is the largest manufacturer in Taiwan for immersed type carbon fiber double roller weaving machine and special purpose machines for carbon fiber products.

Launched Into Production Of Woodworking Machinery

With an aim to meet the market trend and the flourish of the furniture industry, HSU PEN launched into production of traditional tenon jointer, dovetail tenon & mortise jointer, rectangular tenon jointer and rectangular mortise jointer.The quality of each series of machine has reached the international level.

Production of CNC woodworking equipment

With the trend of the times and the traditional machinery production is in short supply, HSU PEN has been dedicated to develop the CNC tenon jointer and CNC tenon/ mortise complex machine. In 2006, Hsu Pen developed the first CNC double ends rectangular tenon jointer in Taiwan which has been widely recognized by customers.

Design and Manufacturing of CNC Rotary Table

Under the leadership of General Manager, S. J. Chang, HSU PEN set up a R&D center for the development of CNC rotary table. Based on the years of understanding and technical experience in the field of rotary table in combination with heavy investment of capital and efforts, HSU PEN has dedicated to the development of rotary table. With their outstanding accuracy and structural rigidity, HSU PEN products have been fully recognized by all customers.

HSU PEN Passed ISO 9001 Certification

HSU PEN passed the ISO 9001:2015 international quality management certification in October 2019. In the future, we will continue to uphold a rigorous attitude and provide quality products with effective quality management as the primary criterion for customer service.